Hieroglyphics and the Egyptians

Heiroglyphics in a tomb:

Hieroglyphics in a temple:

Hieroglyphics on Papyrus:


1. What is a scribe?

2. What is Demotic script and when/how was it used?

3. How did Egyptian scribes impress hieroglyphics into the walls of tombs and temples?

4. How did Egyptian scribes write onto papyrus?

5. Why was the Rosetta Stone an important discovery?

Scribes were students who had learned to read and write in ancient Egypt or military leaders who wrote to communicate in battle. They used “fonts” such as demotic script which was an abbreviated cursive and became used in everyday writing. Egyptians wrote on many different surfaces with script.  They imprinted hieroglyphics into walls using various tools, carving, and paint. Scribes wrote on papyrus using reed brushes dipped in ink. When the Rosetta Stone was found, people were excited. This artifact is an important discovery because it was allowed for the present to understand the hieroglyphics of the Egyptian’s time.

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